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Partial French Immersion and Foreign Language Elementary School (FLES)

Our Partial French Immersion program allows students to receive French instruction for half of their day – in math, science and some social studies.

The International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) requires that authorized schools offer instruction in a modern world language aside from the language of the school, which is English. AIES has chosen to meet this requirement by offering French. All students at AIES experience FLES instruction. Students in the Partial French Immersion program receive additional instruction of curriculum in French.


  • Students in immersion programs have higher academic achievement.

  • Students have a more diverse approach to learning and a greater appreciation of different cultures.

  • Immersion programs promote language and literacy development in two languages and for some more than two languages.

  • Students have greater cognitive flexibility and problem-solving abilities.

Math & Science 

Math is a universal language and often involves concrete, hands-on activities and learning. Science offers students the opportunity to explore and experiment using the knowledge and vocabulary taught to them in French.

French, not English

All math, science, FLES and some social studies instruction will be completed in French in our immersion program. When your child is participating in these subject areas, French is the primary language of instruction.  As students grow in their language development, the expectation is that they will apply their language skills as well. Having said that, please know that your child may be frustrated for a period of time until they become accustomed to hearing and applying the French language. This time period will vary from student to student. (Exceptions to instructing solely in French would be for safety issues, such as fire drills.)