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Fine Arts

The Fine Arts program provides students in grades K-5 instruction in art concepts and techniques throughout the year. The concepts coordinate with grade-level curriculum.

French & French Immersion

Each student learns French with essential world language skills appropriate for their cognitive development level: listening, comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing.

Beginning in first grade, families may choose the French Immersion Program. This program includes math and science instruction in French for first through fifth grades. Learn more about the French Immersion Program.


K-5 students receive general/vocal music instruction in a Kodály (pronounced koh-dahy)/Orff based program. Students play mallet percussion and recorders. They sing, dance and perform American Folk, ethnic and world music. This process includes extensive use of literature and poetry.

  • AIES Ringers - Handbells for fourth/fifth grade students

  • AIES Singers - Vocal choir for fourth/fifth grade students.

Physical Education

The physical education program supports each student's physical development by teaching important skills for wellness and fitness. Skills taught in physical education support learning in all aspects of the school program. For the safety of your child, please provide sneakers on PE class days.

Students with health concerns must have a note from their parents for a one or two day excuse from PE class. A longer period of time requires a written note from a doctor. Before or after-school intramurals are offered during the year at specific times as determined by the physical education teacher.


AIES supports students in the development of 21st Century Skills with the use of 1:1 iPads in Kindergarten through Second Grade and individual laptops in grades Three to Five.