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Holistic Development

In 1998, Academy International was established as the first public IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) school in the Americas. With this learning framework, children gain the knowledge, skills and social emotional growth to achieve their unique potential while becoming responsible global citizens.

Primary Years Programme

Using the IB-PYP, Academy International teachers help nurture and develop students as caring, active participants as they begin a lifelong journey of learning. Through inquiry, children explore, acquire and practice skills in language arts, math, science, social studies, technology, the arts and other areas.

French Focused

Academy International is the only Colorado Springs school to offer a partial French Immersion program as well as French as a Specials class. Students at all grade levels receive French Instruction each week. After kindergarten, students may enroll in a partial French Immersion program to continue math, science and social studies coursework in French.

Dyslexia Satellite School

Academy International is proud to be a Dyslexia Satellite School. We have two Certified Academic Language Practitioners (CALPs) on site who work with students who have characteristics of dyslexia. They provide students therapy using Take Flight, a comprehensive intervention curriculum that contains the five components of effective reading instruction (Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency and Reading Comprehension).

Additionally, our classroom teachers engage in professional learning focused on strategies and interventions to help students grow in their reading proficiency and feel successful at school.

True Inclusion

As an English as Second Language (ESL) Magnet school, our school community has over 17 countries and 27 languages represented among our students. There is deep pride of heritage and respect across campus, and students enthusiastically engage in learning about cultures through events, coursework and interactions with their classmates.

High Marks

As one of the highest achieving schools in the district, Academical International is consistently recognized as a school of excellence, due to academic achievement and growth. Rigorous academics, a focus on individual students, high levels of family engagement, and dedicated teachers ensure the school earns top ratings for school performance by the Colorado Department of Education.

Fine-Tuned Collaboration

Teaching is team effort at Academy International. Educators meet regularly, share strategies, and work together to enhance their skills and student academic performance. Time is dedicated to planning curriculum, assessing student learning, as well as adjusting instruction to meet student needs.